Expert says UFO sighting ‘credible’

THE footage of a Gladstone UFO sighting has been analysed by expert Mary Rodwell who said it could well have been an alien encounter.

From Agnes Water Ms Rodwell counsels people on sightings and encounters with extra terrestrial beings and devotes the rest of her time to studying the phenomena.

After watching the video submitted by a Gladstone resident Ms Rodwell said:

“In my opinion the footage when seen in comparision  to similar UFO footage, both from private sources and footage taken from military sources, ie Mexico’s released footage taken from military aircraft. The footage taken at Gladstone of an anomalous light/craft demonstrates the classic movements and profile of a non terrestrial aircraft. It has the very distinct erratic movements of a UFO craft I have personally witnessed and seen from reports globally. No star or satellite has these movements which show distinct side to side and vertical movements, there is no known terrestrial craft which has these specific movements.”

Link >>

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