International UFO Congress 2011-Carol Rosin-A Call To Action

Dr. Carol Rosin – A Call to Action

Carol Rosin will speak on her personal journey and how it relates to the UFO issue; personal experiences stretching from the classroom to the belly of the military industrial complex. Dr. Rosin will discuss her lifeÆs work leading up to an association with Wernher von Braun and other amazing people.


Do we know anything about the Nazis at all?

1)    A lot of information which we’ve been told about 2nd world war is wrong.

2)    The ancient Sufi tradition had influenced the west to a greater degree than it’s usually known.

3)    The Catholic Church turned a blind eye to the Nazi oppression against Jews.

4)    Nazis could cancel out gravity and manipulated time too.

5)    Nazis were guided by extraterrestrial forces and were in touch with non-human intelligences.

6)    They used ancient Indian texts about Vimanas to gain the knowledge and make their own version of flying Saucers.

7)    Nazis used the Vril force which in the ancient Sanskrit texts called Prana to fly their saucers with and do a lot more.

8)    They believed Aryans are descent by a race of ETs and meant for them to rule the world.

9)    Several key members of Vril society including Mariah Orsej and few of the Nazi Generals disappeared after Hitler’s fall and they’ve never been found.

Ancient Aliens The Series: Aliens and the Third Reich

This episode speculates that Nazi Germany had experimented with advanced alien technology and built flying machines; such as the Haunebu and the Die Glocke (The Bell); and rumors that some of this technology may have made its way to the United States and helped jump start the Apollo program.

US and Germany in joint spy satellite project: Wikileaks

The United States and Germany are jointly developing secret spy satellites under the guise of a commercial programme despite opposition from France, leaked US diplomatic cables showed Monday.

The project, named HiROS, envisions the construction of an undetermined number of high-resolution observation satellites capable of spotting any object on the planet down to a size of just 50 centimetres (about 1.5 feet), according to classified cables from US embassy in Berlin leaked to WikiLeaks and obtained by Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

The satellites will have the capacity to take infrared images at night and to send images much quicker back to earth than the satellites currently in service, the cables showed.

Due to the controversial nature of the programme, US and German officials have decided it should be presented as a civilian project with environmental aims, run by commercial entities.

But in reality it is “under the total control” of German intelligence service BND and the German aerospace centre DLR, the cables showed.

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The secret history of Aryans

Prana is an energy which could function in different ways, According to their belief the realm could tap to this energy because they were the direct ascends of extraterrestrial beings from the other solar system that they come to earth in distant past, member of this master race were known as Aryans.

Similarly, the word Iran is the Persian word for land/place of the Aryan. In present-day academia, the terms “Indo-Iranian” and “Indo-European” have, according to many, made most uses of the term ‘Aryan’ obsolete, and ‘Aryan’ is now mostly limited to its appearance in the term “Indo-Aryan” to represent (speakers of) North Indian languages. Notions of an “Aryan race” defined as being composed of those of the Western or European branch of the Indo-European peoples is used in the context of fascist nationalism, an ideology of nationhood defined by ancestry. Iranians are still proud to be Aryans in roots.

They believed that Aryans were distant to be the master race from extraterrestrial side and they were the justifications for Nazi political party to establish the Aryans’ supremacy on the Planet Earth.

When the Nazi party swept in to power in 1933, Hilter and his scientist start a world wide search of the ancient alternative technologies. They’ve searched the world almost all. Nazis developed Anti Gravity, Levitation and other technologies which they’d receive from extraterrestrials.

Aryan scientists almost made the modern world as we know it after they brought to U.S. they had lacks of knowledge about Ancient Indian technologies like Vimanas (Flying Machines) because of their background and the obsession of Hilter.