UFO Spotted; Numerous Planes and Helicopters over Phoenixville/Kimberton, Pennsylvania

Phoenixville/Kimberton, Pennsylvania – 01-08-12

Shape: Cone – Duration: about 1 hour

I witnessed 10-15 low flying (the height of the tree) cones or top shaped UFOS with many colorful lights before helicopters showed up.

I work in Kimberton, Pennsylvania, and at approx. 7:15 PM, I went outside for a cigarette when I saw what looked like 10-15 giant sparklers rounded cones or tops in the sky, flying low, with some blinking lights.

There were all colors; pinks, purples, orange red, white and blue.

I caught THE FIRST ONE on video, but the others, for some reason, would not show up on my camcorder anymore. They all flew in one direction, cut across left above my work building into the night sky.

Within 10-15 minutes, the sky was SWARMING with helicopters and airplanes and TONS of our own flying machines.

Every dog on the block was barking, HOWLING, for at least 20 minutes while these things flew by. And around 7:45 is when I saw the last one, diagonal from my office, right above a church, well, not RIGHT above like the one that flew literally 50 feet over my head, but a little ways above the roof of the church.

It sat still for a time, then SLOWLY rose higher into the sky. It blinked a pink and purple color.

My mother, aunt, and cousin drove to my work and were also witness to the last one floating in the sky.

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