Multiple UFOs Reported over El Paso, Texas

El Paso, Texas – 02-02-12

Shape: Circle – Duration: 2 hours

Strange circular aircraft in the sky

My husband and I were watching the air traffic from our courtyard at our home here in El Paso.

We see all sorts of aircraft from airliners, jets, drones, bi-planes and helicopters.

But then we saw what looked like a white ball gradually cruising along at the same altitude west towards New Mexico, my husband ran and got our camera and managed to zoom in on this object.

This first object was pretty low and upon zooming in on it, we realized it was a ball of light with what looked two metallic objects on it; one on top and bottom almost appearing disk shaped.

Then after a while it seemed to disappear and reappear in the sky as it got further away.

Shortly after that we came back outside and noticed four more of the very same objects flying around each other in zigzag patterns; it was very unnatural to me and I’ve never seen anything like these things.

These four seemed to be much higher and farther away. We focused on as many as we could with our camera at that moment, but they were very hard to focus on.

When those seemed to disappear in the sky, a few friends stopped by and as we were showing them what we caught on camera, another appeared in the sky going the same direction as the first.

We caught video of that one too.

The air traffic was very busy that day, but this was nothing I have ever seen before. There were no clouds in the sky except the chemtrail from the passing jets we get from Fort Bliss.

These odd objects in the sky did not make any sound and seemed to fly in a most unusual pattern; my close-ups reveal that this is not a plane of any sort.

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Disc-shaped UFO Chased by Jet over San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas – 01-11-12

Shape: Disk – Duration: 8 minutes

Disk-shaped object seen in broad daylight, pursued by jet.

I witnessed a white/silver, disc-shaped object, seen briefly. I was at the corner of Callaghan and Evers heading towards Bandera Road, when the object caught my eye.

It was heading south towards Lackland AFB, at what appeared to be a slow rate of speed, and positioned in the air at about 140 degrees relative to my position.

Suddenly I lost sight of it, but seconds later a high altitude aircraft traveling at a high rate of speed approached the area where I had last seen the object.

The intercepting craft appeared to be coming from the direction of Lackland AFB.

Minutes later as I was arriving at my destination, I witnessed the same fast traveling aircraft returning back in the direction of the base. Visual contact with the unknown object lasted mere seconds, but the whole event took place over a period of 8 minutes or so.

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Two Witnesses Report Triangle UFO near Funston, Texas

My mother and I were heading west down US 180 about 3 miles east of the small unincorporated community of Funston, TX, in Jones County around 10:15 PM on the evening of June 6, 2011.

While looking at the road, I noticed a low flying object that I thought to be a plane. As it crossed over the road in front of us, we joked around about the possibility of it being a “UFO.”

Finally, the object stopped; and seemed to hover in midair. As we got closer, we could see the object had white/green LED like lights on the bottom, and there was also a flashing red light in the center.

The lights were arranged in a triangular formation.

As we got closer, we believed the object to be a radio tower. But as we pulled up to the point where we were about even with the object, we could tell it had more “depth” than just a radio tower. This thing was big.

The object was still hovering over what I believe is a field (probably hovering around 70-100′).

I stopped the vehicle on the shoulder of the highway and my mother rolled the window down. Instantly the object began to move slowly in an east-northeast direction. The object had absolutely no sound whatsoever as it began to move; it began to move faster and faster.

I immediately turned the car around and headed east down US 180 as I tried to see where the object went. The lights got smaller and smaller and finally appeared as only one light that flashed.

The object kept getting smaller and smaller and I decided to turn around. I felt very confused, yet excited about what I had just seen.

Later that night, the excitement turned to a slight amount of fear. I didn’t know if this was some kind of plane, jet, helicopter, or ET life… it was certainly a highlight of the night.

We both discussed what we had just seen, and both questioned how it could be a plane/jet since there was no sound.

Whatever it was, it did NOT like it when we stopped the vehicle.

It took off immediately. Never was there a sound. It was an extremely weird night…


Texas UFO observed 100 feet over Santa Anna

A Texas couple watched a dark object with three white lights 100 feet in the air as they were driving one mile west of Santa Anna just after dark on December 8, 2010, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

As they watched the object, it appeared to be turning clockwise.

“I could tell it was turning because it had three very bright white lights, and I could see the round shape, but there were no blinking lights and the lights weren’t pointed down like any plane light I’d ever seen,” the reporting witness stated. “It was a perfectly clear night too. At first I thought it was a plane turning, but the lights kept coming around the object, two lights showed and then three as one would rotate out of view and another would appear from the other side.”

The object made 10 revolutions and then completely disappeared.

The only other traffic on the road was a truck, and they pulled over to let it drive by, but the driver indicated that he too had seen the object.

“We pulled over to let him pass, but he just waved and pointed up, so we knew he had seen it too!”

Santa Anna is in Coleman County, TX, about the center of Texas, population 1,081.

One illustration was submitted with this report, which was filed with MUFON on December 13, 2010.

Texas is a current UFO ALERT 3 rating, with a high concentration of UFO sightings. Texas had 33 UFO sighting reports in November 2010 and 50 in October.