Missouri UFO: Police officer spots ’round object’ at tree tops

A Missouri police officer at Lee’s Summit reports watching a “round object with very bright, white lights” that hovered just above the tree tops, according to December 2, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The officer was on-duty at the time and was at the intersection of 291 Highway and 150 Highway when the object was noticed to the west.

“It would take a baseball held at arm’s length to cover the object,” the officer stated. “The white lights had a blue hue to them and all of the lights were on the bottom of the craft. The lights were strobing, and there was no sound whatsoever. It was a clear night with no cloud cover, and the object was very low, just above treetop level.”

The officer was able to capture the object with a dashboard cam – although the video was not submitted with the original report.

“I watched as it hovered, and filmed it with the dash cam on my patrol car for approximately 15 minutes, then finally turned the camera off because I didn’t want to use up memory on the camera. I called dispatch, who got a good laugh out of it, but they wouldn’t take me seriously. I requested a copy of the video when I arrived at the station and will forward that to MUFON when I get it.”

The object moved away and the officer was able to find additional witnesses.

“The object then moved to the west slowly at first, then sped up very quickly and was out of sight in a couple of seconds. I stopped at Quick Trip and several families came up to me and asked if I saw the UFO. I assumed that they would call in a report, but according to dispatch there were no other reports received.”

This is not the first unidentified object that the officer has seen recently over this area.

“I saw a similar object on October 31 in the same location but did not file a report about it. This object was closer than the other one. I called another officer to come out and he saw the object, too.”

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