Stafford Sightings of UFO Activity

UFO spotters have reported a surge in unusual activity over Stafford’s skyline during the past few weeks.

Five reports have been logged on of strange fast-moving objects during the early morning and late evening.

Last Wednesday Andrew Heath reported white lights over Penkridge at 9.20am with another witness reporting a similar experience in Stafford at 10.30am the same day.

The increase in sightings coincides with the annual Perseids meteor shower, which this year is active between July 17 – August 24.

During its peak, the number of meteors reaches 60 or more per hour and can be seen all across the sky with the naked eye.

Mr Heath said: “I thought it was an aircraft.

“Then it changed direction again before disappearing. I watched to see if there was any aircraft or helicopter. I could not any see any type of aircraft or hear any aircraft.That’s twice I’ve seen white lights over Penkridge.”

The trail seemed to continue into Stokeon- Trent with another witness, Lee Ducklin, reporting activity at around 10 pm that evening.

He said: “They look like stars until you watch them for a bit, then you see them flying around really fast. There are loads of them and on August 3 I went out at 10 pm and there they were again.”

Similar sightings were also logged by spotters in Ashley, Eccleshall, on July 18 and Stafford on July 22.

One, known as Lisa on the website, said: “We watched and tried to come to some logical explanation but could not.”

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