Cylinder-Shaped UFO Seen over Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana – 07-13-11

Shape: Cylinder – Duration: 30 seconds

Cylinder – shaped object 75 miles offshore the Gulf of Mexico between Texas and Louisiana border.

Two co-workers and I were working on an oil platform about 75 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico along the border of Texas and Louisiana.

One of us first spotted the object flying in the sky. He pointed at it and asked, “What is that?”

We all looked up and witnessed a greyish white (about the same color as a cloud) cylinder-shaped object flying south. The object had no lights, no wings, and no rotors (like a helicopter) and left no vapor trail.

It was difficult to gauge the object’s altitude or size at the time, but it was flying above cloud level, and seemed at least 5 to 10 times bigger than any of the jet planes that happen to have been flying around since the incident occurred.

(The appearance of these jets seemed odd to us also, due to the fact we are located offshore in the Gulf of Mexico where there isn’t much commercial or military air traffic – only helicopters traveling to oil rigs).

This is actually the second sighting of this kind of orb! A co-worker and I first spotted the cylinder- shaped object sometime in early June.

At that time, it was moving across the sky above us at a much higher rate of speed.

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