Do we know anything about the Nazis at all?

1)    A lot of information which we’ve been told about 2nd world war is wrong.

2)    The ancient Sufi tradition had influenced the west to a greater degree than it’s usually known.

3)    The Catholic Church turned a blind eye to the Nazi oppression against Jews.

4)    Nazis could cancel out gravity and manipulated time too.

5)    Nazis were guided by extraterrestrial forces and were in touch with non-human intelligences.

6)    They used ancient Indian texts about Vimanas to gain the knowledge and make their own version of flying Saucers.

7)    Nazis used the Vril force which in the ancient Sanskrit texts called Prana to fly their saucers with and do a lot more.

8)    They believed Aryans are descent by a race of ETs and meant for them to rule the world.

9)    Several key members of Vril society including Mariah Orsej and few of the Nazi Generals disappeared after Hitler’s fall and they’ve never been found.


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