Nine year old boy finds 4000 year old axe head in field

Owen Page and his grandfather Tony came across the ancient stone whilst walking across fields in Little Totham.

After showing it to Owen’s cub leader, who is also an archaeologist, it soon became clear they had stumbled across something rather special.

Measuring about five by three inches, it is thought it was first used as an axe and then as an arrowhead. Owen explained he knew it was something a bit special when they first found it. “We were just walking the dogs when grandad picked up this stone and said it looked a bit odd, I could see the carvings and chippings in the rock,” Owen told BBC Essex.

“I said my scout leader was an archaeologist so if I take it to them she can see what it is and date it. “[Apparently] it started off as an axe head, but later on they used it as an arrowhead because it had broken and you can see where it has been chipped away at.” After showing their find to scout leader Ed Heigham, it was passed on to Hazel Martingell, a flint expert from Braintree who was able to compare it with others of that age.

 “They’re more or less 100% certain and have told us its from about 4000BC,” said Tony. “They’re not sure how it got there. They’re not sure if it was thrown out over time as rubbish or what. “They’re going to do a walk on the field apparently, but at the moment they can’t identify anything from this area from that time. “We’ve found a few fossils, like ammonites and things and Owen’s found some in chalk and that sort of thing, and he’s very interested in archaeology,” he said. “I’m always with my eyes down to the ground, but I haven’t found anything else like this type of thing.”

The discovery has raised quite a stir locally, with Colchester Museum having expressed an interest in putting it on show. However, Owen has no intention of letting go of it. “It’s in a cardboard box, with an elastic band around it. But we’re going to try to frame it,” he said.

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