Disclosure Experts Richard Hoagland, David Wilcock, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan


3 thoughts on “Disclosure Experts Richard Hoagland, David Wilcock, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan


    ICEA You are not as alone as you may think or believe as you live and walk alone, you are not defeatist, this is your strong point, you are not evil, you are not a liar but you are honest and this is why we chose you for one of the most un-grateful endeavours of being the contactee of I the Guardian/Guardians of this Earth; and others not unlike that of yourself of whom are numbered billions even trillions who reside in many different universes which are just a thought away from you.

    But sadly you have yet to master the skill of patience for the benefit of others because they are not where you are even though you have mastered if not all of those of which appertains to your work of contactee of/for us. This is often frustrating for you as you see the blank look that often comes your way as to share the knowledge to others personally, but in this instance it does not matter because they will become as you sooner than later but not so much in their lifetime in the physical human container/body.

    Your endeavours yes your persistence as you work in this vain with and for us will be rewarded more so because you are not greedy or selfish; considering you are informing the people of the Earthly nations of that we require freely with the goodness of your heart; and this will never be a stumbling block in your progression in the physical but more so in your true reality when you take your transmutation; that of which millions of people are very concerned about even afraid of because of their misdemeanours as they continue to be offensive in their physical on Earth lifetime.


    Yes the time is coming, in fact is nearly upon us as we complete out plan through mind manipulation/telepathically unto those of our choice to open a dialogue so best suited in carrying out our intentions in disclosure, in this instance allowing information to be open to the masses of people on Earth, the information everyone is waiting /champing at the bit for as you express your feelings, and thirst for knowledge regarding our reality in disclosing who and what we are, we have been waiting for many years to carry this out but because of so many different reasons, of the unknown factor which can be fear and uncertainty. But over the years we have been taking you on this journey of enlightenment and know you are ready for us openly. Therefore we will take the people in power and knowledge to come forward as through mind manipulation and other means to open the dialogue in informing you that you are not alone on EARTH/OF THE UNIVERSE as many of you or some of you do think and or believe.


    Tuesday, 18 January 2011

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