Aliens Presence in Himalayas, both India and China know it

India was startled by four reports which appeared to confirm the rumors of a large underground base staffed by extraterrestrials in the Ladakh region of the Himalayas.

In New Delhi, India’s capital, a senior officer of the Indian Army told freelance journalist Subha Jain that aliens were indeed in the Himalayas. In Bangalore, a recently-retired officer of the Indian Air Force described the underground base to his youngest son’s elementary school class and said aliens had met with high-ranking officials of India’s government.

In Leh, a city in the Ladakh region, a local official confirmed that the Indian Army had moved armored brigades into the area and was limiting access to civilian residents and tourists.

In Joshimath, another Ladakh town, workers at an auto repair shop claim they witnessed a strange broadcast on their Chinese-made miniature black-and-white television set.

“According to Subha Jain, a freelance reporter in New Delhi, she bumped into a very senior military official in a nightclub in New Delhi. According to him, the extraterrestrials have been visiting India and the rest of the world for thousands of years.”

“In recent years, most of the super-powers have been visited. India is no exception.” “‘They always make contact through the ground radar stations run by the military,’ she says.” “The Himalayas and Ladakh is where they have made their most recent contact. They want to let Indians know the rules and regulations of the multidimensional universe.”

“India is planning an unmanned moon and later an advanced unmanned Mars expedition. India’s Space Research Organization (SRO) has been given the galactic do’s and don’ts.”

“Last week, a flight commodore of the Indian Air Force (IAF), who recently retired, was asked to provide a little talk to his youngest son’s class at a school in Bangalore.”

“Guess what he picked as a topic? Yes, you got it right. It was the advanced landing base for UFOs in Ladakh.”

“He started by saying new technology is evolving, and new advancements are being made in Aerospace. The students started questioning him on different aspects of these new technologies and where this technology came from. At that moment, he began giving a vivid description of the landing base.”

“Surrounded by two of the world’s highest mountain ranges, the Himalayas and the Karakorams, the region lies athwart two others–the Ladakh range and the Lanskar range. Residents live at altitudes ranging from 2,750 meters (9,000 feet) at Kargil to 7,672 meters (25,170 feet) at Saser Kangri in the Karakorams. In summer, temperatures rarely exceed 27 degrees Celsius, while in winter they plummet to minus 20 degrees Celsius, even in Leh.”

“In Leh, Ladakh (region), according to Tsering Spalzang, a senior official, paranormal activities are happening with regard to the buildup of the Indian Army” in the region.

“These are zones that the Indian Army and Indian Air Force block for security reasons. The Ladakh valley has been heavily secured by the Indian government.

It is a ‘sensitive area’ and no one is allowed to enter from either the Indian side or the Chinese side.”

“According to some in New Delhi, UFOs have made contact with high-ranking officials of the Indian government. The government was initially baffled, not knowing how to react. Later, things became quiet, and it seems that everyone understands that the extraterrestrials are friendly.”

8 thoughts on “Aliens Presence in Himalayas, both India and China know it

    • For further investigating, You should study the science of Ley Lines which are the Geometric highly magnetic energy lines that surround Planet earth and the places which these lines cross are almost like UFO hotspots or Star Gates and lots of anomalies happens there. One of the crossing points located on the north of India (Himalayas Area). A lot of ancient monuments and megaliths are built on these lines to harness this incredible energy. I hope this help you for more investigation on this issue.

  1. Aliens are visiting our earth from the beginning or before the evolution in the earth. they have modified human DNA in the particular period of human evolution that is the missing link what Mr.Darwin proposed in the theory of evolution. at a particular period aliens intervened in the evolution of human from the species what existed homo species which almost same like apes at that period. the missing link is the answer to the all genital modifications happened that period. every where in the universe different types of aliens living in very advanced technical knowledge. If we could get that technology , it will be beneficial for mankind. aliens are the representations of gods what now meant. they have technology very much advanced than us.
    they must be friendly most time and having knowledge of cosmos and the multidimensional travels they earned. That species are transportable species from one solar system to another and having the perception of multi dimension.
    Fundamental particles are existed in multi dimension. so they know very well about particle physics and its allied natures.
    they are true creaters of human by genetic modifications of DNA with combining of thier DNA with the homo species or by purely modification of the DNA of homo species to evolve homo sapiens
    Let it find out by ourself.
    Some of them are friendly. but some others may not friendly to human. they are watching the developments of human technology.
    if we get the vehicles of them we can do reverse engineering to get third technology in anti gravitational or space-time travel
    Aliens may not be same like human or living in multi dimensional world, so we cannot percieve them with our 3~4dimensional perception or view, that is lack of our brilliance.
    we may think why they are hidden to our direct view. the answer is they prefer to live in earth in multi dimensions in order to hide them from us
    thier life forms or shapes are unimaginable to us.
    UFO sightings are the vehicles of them. some time they appear in 3 dimensional views due to the variations of perception to some observers.
    aliens really exist in our galaxy or another may be they colonized in Mars or other planets in our solar system.
    sometime the life forms of all flora and fauna may be tranported from other planets to Earth by aliens of by human being itself.
    Time will give the answer in future

  2. I was travelling from Manali to Ley/Ladakh back in 2010 whilst on a round the world trip. I took a series of photos on the approach to the pass, some in black and white and some in colour. At that time we were unable to cross the pass as it was right at the beginning of their summer. We tried twice more after that but to get to Ley you have to be precise because it is only open for around three months of the year. I took this photo in black and white

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