Unusual ’airplane’ ejects star-like objects

A pilot visiting Tucson, Arizona, is having a hard time identifying what first appeared to be an airplane that ejected two “star-like objects” that then moved away in a controlled and intelligent manner above Tanque Verdie Road on January 4, 2011, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The pilot first noticed the “airplane” coming toward a relative’s home at about 3,000 feet.

“Suddenly, a relatively bright ‘star like object’ appeared to drop from it slowly,” the witness stated. “It was under control by someone or something as it stopped a few seconds, then headed west several seconds.”

The object then reversed direction and moved back east toward the witness while maintaining altitude.

“It was changing colors from red to white but in a twinkling ‘star like fashion’. There was no place to pull over in the first few seconds, but we kept the object in sight.”

Then a second object was seen.

“Then a second “star-like” object came out, only this one was smaller. I got out and the “plane or whatever” passed over head. It was dark, but I could see what looked like a long cylinder with very slim ‘wings’ at the very back, there was no audible sound.”

The witness described the original object first thought to be an airplane.

“It had two white lights on the front, and two red lights at the rear close together in the center. There are lots of aircraft with a rear set wing, but these wings were coming from the very back where the horizontal stabilizers are normally located, and appeared to be more like sticks than wings as they were very narrow.”

The object did not have some of the standards that aircraft should have.



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