Why Did The Birds & Fish Die In Arkansas and LA?

Do You Buy The Official Explanation?


One thought on “Why Did The Birds & Fish Die In Arkansas and LA?

  1. I have been very interested in this world issue and I just don’t have any idea what could be going on!?! I started too reaserch it when I first heard about it. As it turns out it has been happening world wide! I have reponts of many different different animals diying very similar. california,large bid kill reported near Geyserville. Holland,more bird doom. maryland, 2 million fish found dead. kent UK, 40,000dead crabs washed up on shore. but one of the most interesting deaths would have to be about 5 million dead seacrature kind thing found dead on a pakistani beach. the weird part about the incident is that these creatures live deep in the ocean and tend to live around the earths magnetic feild and all of a sudden these things are up on the beach. at the same time dolphins are getting beached so the people would help them back in the water and they would come right back???????? Anyways I think that because of all the earthquackes going on the earths plates are shifting alot causing the magnetic feilds to move. if this is true then all the animals that depend onth earths magnetic feilds are getting confused and loosing there berrings making them do thing that cause them harm. I know this sounds a little out the but it makes sence once you think about it.

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