‘Elegant’ orb hovers low over California home

Two witnesses in Stanislaus County report watching an orb that hovered at times between 50 and 20 feet in the air after midnight on August 16, 2010, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The two were smoking at an open window on the second floor of a home in a new development that faces the Stanislaus River when they originally noticed the orb moving into the air and then stopping at a distance of 50 feet off of the ground.

“We watched it hover for about a minute. The only way to describe its movements is perfect, precise, and elegant as it started to ‘float’ or ‘hover’ towards my neighborhood,” the reporting witness stated.

The object was lost to sight behind a neighbor’s home and they thought the event was over – but the object appeared again.

“Only this time hovering symmetrically, parallel to the road and towards my house. It was only about 20 feet in the air and slow.”

They observed three colors on the orb as it moved.

“As the object approached my house, let me tell you, the color was amber, yellow, and red. The orb did not glare or hurt our eyes to look at. I shut my window yet my blinds were still open and we stopped screaming. It hovered directly in front of my house for about 30 seconds; it seemed to be on the streetlight, but not physically harming anything. The orb then shot off, so fast, to left of my neighbor’s house into the field behind our houses. The streetlight was out for a moment and then flickered gradually back to on. I opened my window and we were leaning out onto the roof for just one more glimpse of this unknown object. The field was alight, a glow coming from it and turning everything sepia colored around us. We felt so calm, and like we wanted to see “them” communicate with “them”. It was a tranquil feeling, like everything would be alright.”



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