WikiLeaks inspires release of military archives on UFOs in Australia

Command of the Armed Forces of New Zealand were inspired by the exploits of Julian Assange and his comrades at wiki leaks, they allowed to lay out a network of hundreds of secret documents, which describe the facts of meetings with unidentified flying objects, or monitoring such.

At one of the informational web-portal freely available lie more than 2 thousand pages collected for the period from 1954 to 2009. In most of the documents describes the meetings of military and civilian pilots with strange flying objects. Most often they were simply unexplained lights.

As it turned out, the New Zealand military is constantly collecting all the information about UFOs and real aliens, but did not investigate it. The only episode that really caught the attention of specialists was a series of observations in December 1978. Then in the Kaikoura Mountains were seen (and even filmed for Australian television) unexplained glowing discs and balls. In this case the lights appeared and disappeared and then appeared in another part of the sky. In addition, one of the objects “haunted” one of the planes, accompanied him up to the moment of landing at the airfield.

Among the published documents are, for example, drawings of flying saucers made by engineers, who argued that the only way they could have deciphered the structure of alien ships in certain detail they would have to be known to them. About 300 pages are devoted to a report of a man from the city of Christchurch, who allegedly regularly came in contact with aliens for more than 20 years.

Disclosure of classified documents was possible only due to the fact that for more than two years in the military is constantly pressed UFO researchers and journalists. In the end, the generals surrendered, and removed the secrecy of these files and said that the armed forces of New Zealand are no longer interested in such phenomena.



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