Archeo-Astronomy and Ancient Advanced Technology – Robert Bauval

The Orion Mystery presents startling facts about a star-correlation with the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. Why did the Egyptians align their monuments with such high precision? Why did the ancients put so much emphasis on astronomical alignments?

One thought on “Archeo-Astronomy and Ancient Advanced Technology – Robert Bauval

  1. I thank you for your wondrous discovery of ArcheoAstronomy and its application to global holy sites, including Giza Plateau in Egypt “As above , so below” I am also aware of Mars Pyramids at Elysium complex, Phobos having the trajectory of an artificial satellite and having destructed 4 probes (Mars Observers/US Phobos/Russia) I believe Orion and some humans were conscious of the galactic Transit Role implied in a birthmark as at Giza and the texts Job 9:9,38:31, Amos 5:8 and Isaiah 13:10 all point to a clear understanding of this Isaiah even states “the Lights of the Constellations of Orion will go out” and i think this (capstones removed) was achieved by the Joseph/Goshem and Hyksos/Avaris in 1800 BC +
    Then Job, written in the wilderness 1473 BC was a filter, with the subsequent comments describing the effect of losing this important galactic connection
    Ezekiel was , some 1000 yrs later by the river Chebar when he wrote “there are things pricking you and it is among Scorpions you are dwelling” leaving the intriguing possibility that the antipathy between Orion and Antares is not just legend, perhaps even explaining the devastation of Mars (crust of one hemisphere) The “things pricking you” of Ezekiel, if applied to are potentially the technology of a saurian race (Roswell 1947, Greys, Area 51) which arrived approx 6000 yrs ago (eg Gilgamesh and Lizard skinned Nephilim) fully capable of using e/m pulses to achieve their will Taking Icke even further, the Rothschild Zionists (9/11 pre-planned hoax) are their descendants and applying tyranny to this planet in an unprecedented manner
    For Orion to return and re-establish the galactic Transition we must ourselves overcome this tyranny (ie show consciousness), replace the capstones at Giza and (ARCHEOASTRONOMICALLY) elsewhere (Maccu Piccu/Teotihuacan ?)
    I am a victim of the org which enforces Rothschild Zionism and have little except faith in Jehovah God “who will teach all the peoples”
    You though, are a brilliant man and i wish you well in the future, AS YOU HAVE GIVEN ME PEACE WITH YOUR TRUTH

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