List of Countries who have Disclosed/are Disclosing UFO Files (2)


Sweden is releasing thousands of UFO files beginning May 9-10, 2009, according to a news story in Swedish online news magazine Expressen. Translation of the story was provided by Exopolitics Sweden and editor of Soul Travel Magazine. Sassersson’s translation states that:”Besides the 18,000 Swedish cases are thousands of cases from Denmark and other Nordic countries. Thousands of US cases on micro film are too included. The archive (Norrkoping) will be open to the public domain starting with May 9-10, 2009. (


 June 2009 -Air Force Declassified Uruguay Files, ET Hypothesis Not Dismissed. (


Russian Navy releases UFO files July 2009, The Russian Navy recently declassified and released UFO records for the first time. One of the more interesting details is that fifty percent of the UFO encounters reported occurred near large bodies of water, including many in the Bermuda Triangle. Also, Lake Baikal in Russia, the deepest body of fresh water on the planet, has been the location for numerous sightings of UFOs entering and leaving the water itself, as reported by fisherman. Some of the witnesses are high-ranking Navy officials, including an admiral. One of the most fascinating encounters involved Russian military divers encountering humanoid beings in silver suits fifty meters under Lake Baikal. (


October 2009-Ukraine releases UFO national archive. The Ukrainian Ufology Club (UFODOS) has released and placed ( a national archive of UFO evidence on the Internet. The ‘secret files’ comprise about 500 eyewitness testimonies of UFOs in the Ukraine starting from the 17th century. According to UFODOS chief Yaroslav Sochka, the material was collected from various sources, including Hydrometeorological Center of Ukraine Air Force and public ufology organizations.


November 2009 – For decades, Finnish Defence Forces have been interested in the unusual incidences within Finnish air space, things that people usually call UFOs. A recently published book reveals official UFO studies in Finland from 1933 to 1979. It is based on three hundred official documents, which has been released for researchers – until the last year, when public military archives were closed down and after that only a part of this material has been released under the National Archives of Finland. Important to note, the first cases in the book are from years 1933-1937 when hundreds of citizens in the Finland saw mysterious phantom aircraft or ghost flyers. (

New Zealand

New Zealand announces on June 16 2010 that it will be the next country to officially release its UFO files… In the past few months, nation after nation has released UFO files to the public in an effort to inform the masses and attempt to strengthen trust and cooperation between governments and their citizenry. Now New Zealand is joining that campaign in the hopes that the United States will finally supply a final explanation on the subject of UFOs. A spokeswoman from the New Zealand Defense Force said in a press conference that the files New Zealand will be processed so private information is removed, but all other information will be released regarding the UFO encounters submitted to New Zealand authorities. Of course those following New Zealand UFO sightings will be pleased as this information means the details of the often reported Kaikoura incident will finally be released to the public for the first time. (


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