The Government Is Spying On UFO Bloggers!!

Until now I thought the big ‘G’; the government disregarded us, UFO bloggers as harmless nuts, crazy folks who no one would ever believe. But today I saw an article that changed my mind. It made me Paranoid. So paranoid, in fact that I thought I’d share it with you.

Turns out this Guy (or Gal?) checked his/her web stats, like we all Bloggers and web site owners do from time to time and surprise surprise! At least 5 different government agencies were checking his website out! Holy crap! And I thought we were like cheap tabloids for them! What the heck were they looking for? I don’t know. Maybe they are eagerly waiting for the leaked cables pertaining UFOs that Wiki Leaks promised to disclose to suppress them as soon as they come out!

I say, the web is free (yes, it’s still free despite Google’s efforts) and anyone has the right to visit anything and view any content they want to but you have got to admit, this is kind of creepy.



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