Advanced extraterrestrial UFOs travelling with the help of Faster-than-light pulsar radio waves

By India daily Technology Team

The radio waves emitted from a pulsar propagate faster than the speed of light. When these radio waves are integrated using Fast Fourier Transform over projected space terrain, the speed is 1000 times faster than light.

The advanced extraterrestrial UFOs travel using these pulsar radio waves integrated over time and space to attain unimaginable speed, propagation, stealth, and navigation.

When waves do not contain information, the speed can easily exceed that of light, according to Einstein. But what is that ”information” really?

Over the last several years, Astrophysicists working out of the University of Texas at Brownsville have been studying an interesting pulsar about 10,000 light years away from us (a pulsar is a highly magnetic, spinning corpse of a dead star).

Every wave contains information. But when waves are integrated over time and space, it becomes a form of integrated consciousness (IC). This IC is fundamental basis of traveling at the speed of light, even exceeding the speed of light by many times.

Advanced extraterrestrial civilizations harness these integrated waves and transform them to the form of IC. Human mind communicates with each other using IC. In our dreams we can travel faster than light using IC. After death zero point energy format of the residue of us travels 1000 times faster than light using IC.

The UFOs that use radio waves to travel at the speed of light and even faster than light can also use IC to propagate, navigate, and bring unimaginable stealth.

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